Videography by Jose Rios

I’m attempting to also include videography into the list of services provided and thanks to my twin models, I can show you a couple of videos I’ve vreated.

Josue & Sthefany Wedding by Jose Rios

Friday, December 8th, a day that brought happy tears to all the attendees because the speeches were on point.  Each special friend or family that spoke, did so from the heart! Each had a little bit of funny and lots of heartfelt anecdotes and some very useful advise.   

Sthefany, the bride looked amazing in her beautiful, long white dress.  I really enjoyed spending time with her.




Josue, my nephew and also the groom :-), was himself.  He kept his cool at most times, although I may have seen a tear or two, he mostly kept it light and looked amused.  



I want to thank them both for having chosen me to tell about their wedding thru my photographs.  I am grateful and wish them a life of happiness.

Here comes the bride by Jose Rios

Josue’s and Sthefany’s wedding has been long overdue, i have, for the last couple of years, been wanting to photograph their big day.  I was super excited to be the photographer and said YES without giving it another thought.



The bride, Sthefany

The bride, Sthefany

The groom, Josue

The groom, Josue

I cannot wait for the day of their wedding that although it's being held three hours away from my hometown , in Lynchburg, Va, i will gladly make the trip. 


Product photography by Jose Rios

Dwelling into product photography is just as scary and fun as most other types of photography styles.  I love to keep it fresh so I keep trying different things.


If you have a product to sell or something that has value to you and would like to make it last a very long time, let me know and we'll make it last a lifetime ;-)

Karina & Cesar Dirty 30 by Jose Rios

Thank you for an awesome party guys

The evening started early and from the time we boarded the Party Bus it was a blast! We all had an awesome time and I would have loved to have capture more images but oh well, I'm sure the plenty of Facebook Live sessions will give a sense of what the night was like.  Here are a couple of images I captured at the beginning of the evening.

When you photograph your food, keep these tips in mind by Jose Rios

For foods that are tall, like a triple deck big mac, a tall birthday cake shoot straight on or at about 45 degrees angle.

Straigth On

For foods that are flat or lay flat on your plate, aim at shooting overhead and at or around 75 degrees

Break the rules and shoot the photo just the way you think looks best! Show off your style, after all, it's photo and your reputation ;-) 

What NOT to do on your next photography session by Jose Rios


Avoid anything with logos, graphics, characters, labels, etc. These tend to take the finished look of a professional portrait down a few notches, can be distracting (who wants people to first notice the Nike or Gap logo before the adorable little kid's smile?) and will date a photo quickly.  Note: There are a few instances where a more stylized graphic on a shirt can look good if it fits the vibe of a photo.

If anyone is needing a trip to the salon, be sure to let the hair cut grow out a week or so in order to look most natural.

Don't make everyone wear all the same color; matching is boring and dated. Coordinate colors and looks, letting everyone have their own spin on the color palette (and every person does not-should not-have every color used in the color palette). And please no families all dressed in khaki pants, or all in denim and white shirts.

While trying to stay current and fashionable, do avoid obvious trends that will be dated soon. You can do fashion forward while still remaining timeless.

No bright white socks and no sneakers unless we're talking about something fashion forward and simple like Converse or Vans. And also be sure to remove watches or jewelry not complementary to the session's look

25 Must-have Wedding Photos by Jose Rios

Every wedding is different and every photographer approaches the photographing to his or her style.  The key to an amazing album though, is to not miss the following 25 poses.

  • The Gown 
  • The bride getting ready - putting makeup on, get her hair done, etc
  • The Shoes - Everyone knows the bride spent a good amount of money in them shoes.
  • The Bride's Bouquet 
  • The Groom's Boutonniere
  • Kids having fun
  • The Bridal Entrance
  • Bride and Escort (father) walking down the isle
  • The Couple exchanging vows
  • The Kiss
  • The Couple coming back the isle
  • The Confetti (could be bubbles, rice, rose petals)
  • Portraits of the couple
  • The couple greeting guests
  • The Reception details (start from the smallest details and work the entire room)
  • The First dance 
  • The DJ or band 
  • The father-daughter dance
  • The toast
  • The dance floor
  • The cake
  • The Bouquet toss
  • One private moment (maybe the couple getting into an elevator)
  • Bride and Groom leaving

Newborns vs Chihuahuas by Jose Rios

Photographing newborns is a challenge.  I have done an indoor and one outdoors and both proved to be super hard work.  Carrying lights, props, and a plenty of other things, is not as glamorous as some think it to be.

Today, I photographed my 6 year old Chihuahua and I found out that she may have been a little easier to shoot :-)  Here's a sample of the shoot

Floresita posing as a newborn

Thanks to Nathalie Contreras & Flor Benitez for allowing me to photograph their babies, they are a bundle of joy.



Jazlynn Contreras Lopez by Jose Rios

I had an awesome photographing my niece Jazlynn,