Human Pets / by Jose Rios

I am a kind of cynical person you would say but am I? Ever since I can remember, I used to think that people who loved their pets like children, were kind of lame and full of bullshit!  I would see an old man kissing a dog on the mouth and would think that it was absolutely ridiculous, that it was just...WRONG!  Little did I know that one day, not too distant in the future I would too, fall into the category of a pet lover.


I could not see myself being a parent of a dog, much less of an "ugly" looking chihuahua!  How wrong I was because in my eyes now, my floresita (a chihuahua) is the most beautiful dog in the world.  She is by my side even if at times I haven't treated her well.  She has found a part of me that I never knew I had and for that I am eternally grateful.